These courses are taught by an instructor who moderates and facilitates the materials with a group of students.  The courses start and end on certain specific dates, and may include live classroom meetings in an online blended strategy.

This course is provided to help new and current instructors update their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the field of teaching in the classroom; at a meeting or conference; online; and in online webinars.  BOAF realizes that as technology, methodologies and requirements change and evolve in the world of teaching, instructors must also meet and exceed student expectations in these new and changing environments.

Course Objectives

  • Students will describe how adults learn and ways to enhance the adult learning process.
  • Students will create an outline of a course of their own design.
  • Students will demonstrate effective presentation methodologies.
  • Students will describe the best methodologies for online webinar presentations.
  • Students will create and present a fifteen-minute webinar topic.

This course is separated into Seven Modules presented over six weeks.  Each module looks at a different aspect of Instructor Techniques.  These modules are presented through an online printable manual, an online classroom and through live online webinars.  Each module contains reading in a manual with online assignments, exercises, videos, and other activities.  Each module has a quiz online.  There will be a final webinar presentation and a final exam.

 Following the five weeks of online and webinar learning, the final module will allow students to present their topics in a webinar format.  Students will practice their presentation skills with extemporaneous speaking and a presentation in a live webinar environment.

Here are the seven modules:

August 15-21  Module One: Course Introduction in an online webinar.  Students will meet with the instructor and the class on WednesdayAugust 17 in a one-hour online webinar to discuss the course, the course requirements and student expectations.  AND   Module Two: Introduction to Adult Learning and the Instructional Process.  Students will use the online environment to explore how adults learn, how adults apply what they have learned, and how to supercharge the adult learning process.

August 22 - 28  Module Three: Creating the Outline: Designing instructional Programs That Work.  Here students will continue in the online environment to determine the most important points to bring to their students, then create an outline design that will address student needs.

August 29 - September 4  Module Four: Bringing It To Life – Effective Presentations.  Students will meet in a two-hour online webinar on Wednesday, August 31 to discuss the jump from outline to presentation, including guidelines for effectiveness in live and webinar presentations.

September 5 - 11  Module Five: Instructional Media.  Here students will design the media that will be used to present their material to the class. 

September 12 - 18  Module Six: Effectively Using Webinars to Teach.  In this module, students will learn more about the best ways to present in a webinar format, preparing for their own final presentations.  A one-hour webinar wrap-up will complete the module and will take place on September 13 at 10:30 AM.

September 19 - 25  Module Seven: Final Presentations. Students will present their own topics in a strict fifteen-minute webinar to the rest of the class.  Webinar presentations will be scheduled on Tuesday, September 20 and Thursday, September 22 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Just because this is an online course developed to be completed when you have time, there are weekly deadlines that must be met!  Each module is one week long, and assignments must be completed and submitted so that the instructor can review them, make comments and return them to you.  All work is graded, and late work will not be accepted.  Each module builds on the previous module, so there is no "catching up."  

Should you have any questions or concerns, your instructor, Kevin Duffy, is only an email or phone call away.  You can email Kevin at or call at 386.547.9625.