In this one-hour online course, students will review ethics and how to deal with the public, the business concerns and the government in a proper and ethical manner.  At the end of course, the student will be able to model ethical behaviors through their daily professional and personal lives.

At the completion of this course, participants will be more familiar with the 2020 Florida Building Code requirements regarding accessibility.

This course will offer the participants the chance to learn about the FBC Energy Conservation Code Introduction, the history and the legislature that created the framework for the FBC-Energy Conservation Code. Additionally, the participants will be exposed to the provisions of the FBC Energy Conservation Code, Residential Provisions prescriptive and performance measures contain therein.

In this course, the student will not only review the existing laws and rules concerning building officials and the building inspector vocation, but also look at new laws and rules.  There is a portion of the course that provides some practical application through simulation.

This course is a two-hour self-paced course.

This course is a refresher and update for accessibility and fair housing ssues concerning building officials and building inspections.

This is a two-hour self-paced course.