This course will help the participant improve verbal and written communication skills when interacting with customers, peers, supervisors and the public. This course is required for all Cross Training Programs.

 NUMBER OF CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURS:  One (1) Hour presented as online self-paced instruction 

 COURSE GOAL:  Inspectors must interact with a variety of people and situations daily.  The outcome of these interactions depends on the ability and skill of the inspector to properly communicate verbally and in writing – which includes effective listening skills.  This course will help the inspector improve these critical skills.


After completion, the student will be better able to:

  • Describe and properly utilize the communications cycle.
  • Apply active listening skills to conversations with customers and the public.
  • Apply correct written composition skills to written communication, including email, written reports and other written instruments.

(This course is a required course for the Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Inspector Cross Training Programs)